Guaranteed Rental Return Package (GRR Package) is an investment option from Holiday Outlets. It is available to anyone including entrepreneurs, experienced investors or even starters. By investing with Holiday Outlets, you are able to secure your wealth, diversify your funds, and build your own accountability.


How does GRR Package from Holiday Outlets work?

There are 3 phases in GRR Package:


Period 1: During the first 5 years, investors will get 7% return rate of their capital investment every year.

Period 2: After 5 years, investors will get 13% return rate every year, almost doubling the amount of Period 1.

Period 3: After 10 years, investors will get 15% return rate every year.


After 5 years of investment, investors may accept the developer’s buyback scheme to receive 130% of their capital investment at any time they wish.


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